Back To Monochrome

I struggle with colour. The myriad opportunities, along with all of the inspiring colour photography available, makes it difficult for me to decide what I want to do (and I’m not experienced enough with colour to necessarily have an idea of how to get where I might want to go.)

So it is rewarding to come back to monochrome every now and then because I do love B&W photography.



Plastic plant on desk 🙂


Peaky blinders!


A photo in Prague of a photo of Prague



7 Days of Black & White

I got tagged in a Facebook chain-status that’s doing the rounds. I tend to do these if they’re amusing, fun, or for a good cause, though normally I hate chain emails and messages.

This one was for an unexplained B&W photo every day, and I do like B&W photos.

I liked the Acros film simulation but hadn’t looked in detail at what it does to noise and grain. I did a bit of pixel-peeping and the way it replaces noise with simulated grain, rather than doing plain noise reduction or leaving digital-looking noise is effective.

These are JPEGS from the camera that have been slightly adjusted in Capture One, mainly adjusting the white and black levels.


Day 1: Up a little early, microwaving The Boy’s milk.


Day 2: Fun and games with Hud and his ball pit 🙂


Day 3: These cabbage flowers were in our kitchen, I didn’t know cabbages had flowers. The structure came out very well.


Day 4: STRANGER THINGS! Love this show.


Day 5: On the road today for work. Photo taken at idle revs and parked for obvious reasons.


Day 6: Low Loss Suspension


Day 7: Off to Ikea to load up with furniture. Check out the Helios bokeh; the other photos are all on the XF35 f2.

The Isle of Wight in Black & White

Ha! I made a minor joke, the title rhymes!


Anyway, we went on a short holiday to the Isle of Wight. Bright skies and shining seas made for some good photos. I experimented with monochrome for some of them and quite liked the results.


We took The Boy to his grandpa’s for a barbecue. Grandpa has an epic wooden cabin playouse complex that’s bigger than my garden.

Also a Little Tykes car, which I never had but as an adult always wanted, which is silly because I have a real car now. Anyway, I’ll get one for The Boy.

Please excuse his McClane-vest, his clothes were soaked through from a pool misadventure.


Hughenden is a manor house in Buckinghamshire, England. In the 19th century it was the home of Benjamin Disraeli, who was married to Mary Anne Disraeli. He once joked that he married her for money, but would do it again for love.


Las Vegas: Dawn

I was in Las Vegas recently for a work kick-off event. I came up with a cunning plan to try and photograph the dawn by getting up early. I also thought it would be very quiet out since everyone would be nursing hangovers or still sleeping.

Anyway, I couldn’t see far enough to catch any colours and on this morning at least, the transition from night to day was as though someone had flicked a light switch. Not very dramatic!

I felt it would be interesting shooting the empty Strip. However, there were still plenty of folks around including workers cleaning the streets and hotels as well as all-night partygoers tiredly wandering home.

I regret now not being bolder and photographing these people. They make Vegas what it is, not the replica landmarks and bright lights.


The first day I spent with my son without any motherly supervision, we went to see tanks at the local military museum. He was only 9 months old so it was difficult to know if he liked them. I assume he did.


Geekgamerychatter is going multirole

I need somewhere to host my (very amateur) photography, so GGC is going to have both geek stuff and photos. Some images will even be of geekery, so it makes sense, sorta.

I’ve been using Flickr, but I don’t really engage on the social side there so it makes it a bit pointless. Using my own site allows me more freedom in displaying my photos.

Little Boy, Big World

My 9-month old son, Hudson, looking over the Tamar Valley on the borders of Cornwall and Devon.  (X-Pro2, XF18-135mm)