Blood Bowl: Reikland Reavers vs. Gisoreux Paladins: Blood in Bretonnia

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Bloody Carnage in Bretonnia

A resurgent Reikland team tore the Bretonnian Gisoreux Paladins apart in their home stadium, the Colosseum, today. One Paladin was killed and six others seriously injured during 16 rounds of brutality in the finest traditions of the game.

After the initial kick-off, a brawl developed in the centre of the field and continued for the entire first half, neither team making any headway. In the second half, Reaver blitzer Kragolf the Hammer was able to break away and run the ball home as Bretonnian casualties mounted.


During half-time, veteran player The Mighty Zug made a shock appearance and return to professional Blood Bowl as he was delighted by the impressive list of injuries inflicted by his old team.


The game continued as Paladin lineman ‘Old Sniffer’ attempted to tackle Fran T. Erminal only to be killed outright by the impact. Fran T. Erminal, also injured in the collision, was merely stunned and is reported to be delighted at the outcome.

Reikland blitzer Julie ‘HELKOP’ Lang was then able to run the ball home a second time, finishing the game 2-0 to the Reavers.




  • 2 touchdowns (Hammer, Lang)
  • 2 KOs inflicted
  • 2 KOs sustained (Bean-Thornton-Mills, Chopper)
  • 6 casualties inflicted
  • 1 casualties sustained (Sammy ‘Sam’ Samantha)
  • 1 kill inflicted (Fran T. Erminal)



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