Blood Bowl: Reikland Reavers vs. Grudge Bearers

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Stick That In Your Book of Grudges!

Reikland Reavers – 4

Grudge Bearers – 0

The Reikland Reavers follow on from their shock defeat of the greenskin Death Headz with a violent victory over the dwarven Grudge Bearers. Touchdowns were scored by Mikkel the Dekrepit and Kragolf the Hammer. This goes some way to make up for Kragolf’s tragic fumble in the prior game.


  • Mikkel the Dekrepit (2) (thrower)
  • Kragolf the Hammer (2) (blitzer)



The overwhelming score is all the more extraordinary considering the repeated assaults on Reaver players by the goblin referee, including a memorable knockout inflicted by the diminutive¬†official on the Reaver’s captain and ogre Piermarco.


Fans of Mikkel insist that the veteran player should continue with his career, despite his comments in an interview after the match.

“I’m only two games away from retirement. I am far too old for this ****. What day is it?”


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