Blood Bowl: Reikland Reavers vs. Feliroin Charioteers

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Controversy at the Feliroin Stadium

Reikland Reavers – 4

Feliroin Charioteers – 0


The first half of the human Reavers match against the high elven Charioteers opened with an exciting ball game with flowing play and plenty of skill on display from both sides. Fan favourite Mikkel the Dekrepit fell victim to an early KO and spent most of the rest of the game in the apothecary’s care.

Sammy ‘Sam’ Samantha put the first score on the board with a running touchdown. Further excitement was provided when Sean Bean-Thornton-Mills was forced off the pitch and mercilessly beaten by the spectators.2015-09-27_00083


During the half-time break, the high elves’ bath water was replaced by a cauldron of blood, inciting violence and aggression from the pointy-eared team and causing them to mostly ignore the ball. Despite further players being stunned and knocked down, the Reavers were able to take advantage of the Charioteers’ distraction and made 3 further touchdowns, with Sven the Barbarian and Sean Bean-Thornton-Mills scoring.


  • Sven the Barbarian (1)
  • Sean Bean-Thornton-Mills (2)
  • Sammy ‘Sam’ Samantha (1)



  • Mikkel the Dekrepit
  • Akkuraat Mikkalf

In the post-match interviews, Mikkel and Mikkalf made the following statement:



Now, Bob, you really have to get over this thing you have about the Elves.
It’s their narrow eyes, Jim – I don’t trust ’em. Hey, I’m not a racist or anyfing, I only hate Elves and wish they were all dead.

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