Blood Bowl: Reikland Reavers vs. Death Headz

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Down-And-Out Reikland Reavers Upset the Bookies in Their Debut Game of the Season

In a brutal clash at Death Headz’ home stadium, The Blood and the Bowl, the bankrupt Reikland Reavers made a stunning comeback from last year’s collapse, beating the home team 3-0.


  • Sean Bean-Thornton-Mills (catcher)2015-09-27_00011
  • Sven the Barbarian (blitzer)
  • Julie ‘HELKOP’ Lang (blitzer)

An early touchdown by Sean Bean-Thornton-Mills, catching a long pass from Sammy ‘Sam’ Samantha established an initial lead, which was increased by a running touchdown from Sven the Barbarian. This was followed by a fumble just one step short of the endzone by glory-seeking Kragolf the Hammer which nearly led to a Death Headz score.2015-09-27_00016 The ball-carrying goblin was smashed by Reikland blitzer Julie ‘HELKOP’ Lang who carried the pigskin home to secure the win.


  • Akkuraat Mikkalf (catcher)

Team captain, Piermarco the Ogreous, interviewed after 2015-09-27_00018the match, claims that the win was due to playing better than the third-rate ork team.

“Onna day we played better. Giganti he say, you play better than ovva team you win. So we do and we did.”


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