Mission Report: Sin of Damnation, Incursion 2

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Operation: Fires of Wrath

“Do not look to us for kindness. Do not look to us for hope. We are not the kind children of this new age. We are the rocks of its foundation. If you wish hope then look to what we make. If you wish kindness then look to those who will come after us.”

I am Brother Moorhouse of the Imperial Fists. Yesterday, my squad was sent into the hulk Sin of Damnation.

Space hulks are a conglomeration of vessels that have been melded together over aeons to create a chaotic maze of shipwrecks. Having confirmed the existence of genestealer infection, we now need to penetrate further into the Sin of Damnation in order to cleanse this threat.


Our path was blocked by an ancient vessel which still has functioning defence systems that threaten even Terminator armour. We were to destroy the two control rooms in order to clear the path onward.

We teleported into our jump-off point, the squad consisting of myself, Brothers Rinka, Sargeant and Syme and led by Brother-Sergeant Harding.

We long for the day when Brother Sargeant is promoted to Sergeant.

The squad advanced down the corridor in single file, with Brother Rinka on point. We reached a t-junction. Heading east, towards the first control room, we entered a wider corridor with a closed door at the end. Our suit sensors gave anomalous readings and even our genetically-enhanced hearing could not filter out any sign of xenos over the constant noise of a space hulk; humming, clanking and distant, unidentifiable clamour.

Brother Rinka opened the door, covered by Sargeant and Syme. Immediately he was set upon by a mass of genestealers. Rinka opened fire with his storm bolter and cut down six or seven of the beasts. His suit cooling systems were unable to cope with the sustained shooting. Its barrel glowing red-hot and his suit venting coolant, the weapon shut down.


Sargeant and Syme continued firing until Sargeant’s weapon also overheated. Still the xeno rush continued. Whilst Sargeant and Rinka worked to clear their weapons, Syme provided overwatch, yet one particularly agile genestealer managed to evade his marksmanship and brought Brother Rinka within its foul reach. However, Rinka’s bolter came back on-line just in time and he blew the creature apart with explosive rounds.

The alien rush died down and we approached the first control room. I deployed the heavy flamer and incinerated the equipment within.


The squad continued onward, facing only light resistance, presumably due to the heavy casualties we inflicted upon them at the start of the mission. We closed two access points used by the ‘stealers on the way forward.

Locating the second control room, Sargeant and Syme took up flanking positions and we were again set upon by more xenos. I observed Rinka cutting down several genestealers with his storm bolter whilst calmly crushing another in his power fist. Sargeant, blocking a door with his armour, was also engaging the enemy and destroyed two more in close combat with his power fist.


Sergeant Harding instructed me to burn the control room and I did so. We encountered no more serious resistance and made our way to the teleport point for extraction.


The Emperor Protects…


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