Mission Report: Sin of Damnation, Incursion I

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 +++Squad Harding, 1st Platoon, 1st Company, Imperial Fists+++

Primarch! Progenitor, to your glory and the glory of Him on Earth!


Objective: Extract via teleport point alpha. Cleanse any encountered xeno infestation, but do not pursue.

Brother-Sergeant Harding [Storm Bolter and Power Sword]

Brother Moorhouse [Heavy Flamer and Power Fist]

Brother Syme [Storm Bolter and Power Fist]

Brother Rinka [Storm Bolter and Power Fist]

Brother Nickle [Storm Bolter and Power Fist]

===Squad Commander Report Follows===

At 18:45 local standard time, Squad Harding teleported onto the space hulk Sin of Damnation to perform an armed reconnaissance of area SD-0112-X345. I, Brother-Sergeant Harding of the 1st Company, VII Chapter Adeptus Astartes, have the honour of command this day.

Materialisation proceeded without incident; no warp incursion or armour breaches.

The Brothers reported ready and squad proceeded west. There were no auspex traces and we encountered no lifeforms.2015-02-04_00010

We discovered a large hall providing a route south towards the extraction point. At this time the suit auspexes lit up with multiple movement traces and unidentified biosigns. I ordered Brother Nickle to accompany me to provide rearguard for the squad.

We immediately identified a xeno of the type ‘Genestealer’ approaching, and engaged it with storm bolters. The weapons were effective and the beast was destroyed.

Simultaneously, several more xenos assaulted the forward elements of the squad. The creatures burst from side doors and vents and attempted to close the distance to engage in melee combat. They were met with rapid and accurate bolter fire from Brother Rinka and Brother Syme, which killed several of the beasts.  The coordinated attack suggests that these creatures possess some level of crude intelligence or at the very least a pack-hunter instinct.


The alien swarm continued to gain entry to the room via conduit vents and side corridors. Brother Moorhouse deployed the heavy flamer to cleanse the path ahead and in area-denial mode to block the aliens’ access points. Their filth was cleansed by pure-burning promethium.


The squad proceeded along the corridor with Nickle and I continuing to lay suppressing bolter fire back down the hall. We gained entry to the access corridor at the end of the room, and exited under covering fire from the heavy flamer, sealing the door behind us. I ordered a skull-servitor deployed for additional auspex coverage as we reached a junction with 3 paths – east, west and straight on south toward the teleport point.

As we crossed the junction, Brother Syme was engaged at point-blank range by a genestealer that had waited motionless in the western accessway. He knocked it back with his power fist then eliminated the xeno with a burst of bolter fire. I believe the alien filth inhabiting the Sin of Damnation hulk are not detectable by standard sensors if they remain still and hidden. Also, I recommend wearing suit helmets should Brothers insist on fighting so closely with the enemy.


We maintained a 2-by-2 leapfrogging movement, protecting Brother Moorhouse and the flame unit, reaching the main hall adjacent to the corridor containing the teleport zone. There was a single entrance with room only for one terminator suit.

The squad was again attacked by many hostile xenos and all flamer fuel was expended. However, the attack halted, and the suit auspexes went silent. I ordered Syme, Moorhouse and Rinka to the teleport point and then followed with Brother Nickle.

The squad formed up for teleport but as the two of us took up positions, the genestealer attack resumed. Due to the tight confines of the corridor I was unable to fire in support of Brother Nickle, who was engaged in melee combat by several of the foul beasts. He slaughtered one with his power fist and destroyed another with storm bolter fire. He then moved forward to block the corridor with his armour, leaving the teleport zone but preventing the abominations from interfering with the dematerialisation process for the rest of the squad. Brother Nickle was overrun and killed by a swarm of the impure xeno filth.

I request permission to lead Squad Harding to retrieve the tactical dreadnought armour suit and progenoids of our fallen brother.

===Tactical Advice===

When narrow corridors prevent interlocking storm bolter defence, squads should be sure to maintain a promethium canister to enable use of the heavy flamer to provide area denial whilst squads teleport out of hostile areas.

===Confirmed Kills and Status===


The Emperor commands us. Dorn guides us. Honour shields us.
Fear our name, for it is vengeance.

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